Reduce Costs by Utilizing Old Equipment for New Projects

One of the challenges for any food, beverage, beer, wine, cannabis, or alternative food manufacturer facility is lowering cost while keeping production high. This often manifests in the company looking for more affordable solutions to their challenges in the facility. Placer Process regularly assists companies in finding ways to reduce costs through better practices, optimization of equipment, automation, and reusing old equipment for new projects. While all of these approaches add to the bottom line one of the often overlooked methods is reusing old equipment.

Just because equipment is old does not mean it is useless or obsolete. Our seasoned team of engineers is very familiar with reusing equipment for new projects to deliver results more timely and at a lower cost to our customers. In one such case a 500-gallon stainless steel tank with an agitator was reused in the same facility after the tank was no longer being used for its original purpose. Instead of scrapping the costly investment, Placer Process identified it could be used in a new system expansion elsewhere in the facility.

New Life For Old Equipment

Working with our customer, the Placer Process team pulled the tank out of the facility to avoid interruptions to the day to day operation, and fabricated the new system with the tank off-site. Once everything was fabricated and assembled, we installed the old tank along with a new system at a fraction of the cost and on an expedited schedule.. The results were fantastic as the new system worked flawlessly and utilized an existing expensive piece of equipment that otherwise would have been scrapped.

If you’re looking for someone to help with your facility projects in an innovative way contact Placer Process today for a seasoned team that will provide optimal solutions to your challenges.

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