Raw Liquid Ingredient Storage Upgrade for Increased Capacity

A big part of what Placer Process does for our customers is help them overcome the challenges with capacity and production lines. When food and beverage facilities reach capacity and need to increase production existing lines or introduce new product lines – we are often called in to help achieve these goals.

In one such case we were called upon to help a premier supplier of ready-to-drink and milk products increase their capacity as it was being limited by the raw liquid ingredient storage. With the existing storage at full capacity it was preventing our customer from expanding to new product lines and would create bottlenecks in receiving, tank sanitation, and tank turn-overs when production was increased.

With our expert engineers we were able to design a solution that not only took the limited floor space of the plant into account but we also tied the new raw liquid ingredient storage silo into the existing process transfer valve manifolds and clean-in-place system without disrupting the ongoing production.

For more details on how we increased raw liquid storage capacity read the full case study

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