Protecting Your Food, Beverage, Alternative Specialty Foods, Milk, or Dairy Facility Against Bacterial Contamination

One of our customers, a leading manufacturer of cheese, whey protein, and other dairy ingredients, needed help preventing contamination from workers unknowingly bringing outside bacteria into the facility. In many cases contamination is caused by bacteria being brought into the food, beverage, alternative specialty food, milk, or dairy production plant from outside, traveling on clothes, shoes, equipment, tools, etc.

Our customer was looking specifically for a mobile disinfection cart that would automatically spray a disinfectant solution onto the ground and personnel’s shoes. This automation would not only destroy any possible contaminates as workers entered production areas, but the automation allowed the production team to work without changing their routines.

Portable Sanitizing Cart

One important parameter of the project was that not only did the portable sanitizing cart need to destroy contaminants, but it needed to be built in such a way that prevented the cart itself from harboring bacteria and other contaminants. As always our seasoned process design engineers delivered a solution that met each of these requirements and was completed timely and fit the budget.

Read the full case study here for more details on the project

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