Process Steam Optimization Solutions for Beverage and Dairy Products Manufacturing Facilities

One of our customers in the dairy product manufacturing specialty needed to increase production capacity to meet a growing demand for their products. However, the plant had issues with managing its steam usage and the current production demand has caused multiple utility system upsets or process start-up delays when running simultaneously.

Sanitary Process Steam Optimization

Placer Process was able to partner with our customers to measure and document the system requirements to create a detailed list of use points. This list incorporated multiple usage points and provide the calculated steam demand at various stages in the plant’s production schedule. This effort has shown when the high steam demand would occur and what are the low, normal, and high demand would be. The iterative process had helped our customer understand their utility system demand and Placer Process was able to propose improvements as needed to optimize their existing system while planning for their future demands.

The study Placer Process provided was extremely useful for our customers and has been used to plan future projects and expansions accordingly.

Read the full case study to learn more about our process steam optimization solution

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