Optimizing Process Steam and Utility Systems within an Existing Beverage and Dairy Manufacturing Plant

We regularly optimize our customers’ systems for maximum efficiency, one such case is for process steam optimization. One of our customers, premier milk and dairy product manufacturer, had an increase in demand due to population growth of the region. This presented a challenge to our customers where they needed to expand their production capabilities within the existing production plan through expanding its infrastructure and adding more fluid milk processing equipment.

One of the larger project challenges was the original boiler system was unable to provide enough steam to the entire plant. Over the years our customer had expanded the plant and with all of the additional equipment the steam was being spread too thin and systems were competing for steam when used simultaneously. In addition, none of the past expansion projects documented tie-ins, steam use points, and piping network.

Winemaking Process Enhancements

This created a situation where our customers did not have enough steam going to systems in their plant and they did not know how much of the steam is going where or exactly how it’s distributed throughout the plant. We partnered with our customers to provide a detailed report and road map for the current and future process steam systems.

You can read more about the process steam optimization here

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