New Regulations in California for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

With the Governor of California signing new legislation named Assembly Bill 418 or better known as the California Food Safety Act. This restricts the types of additives that can be used in foods that are manufactured, sold, or distributed in California. At a minimum it means adjusting vats and containers to adapt to the replacement additive, and in more extreme cases new equipment needs to be purchased and integrated into the existing system. It really depends on the recipe and food or beverage that is being produced as well as the existing systems in place.


4 Ingredients That Cannot Be Used in CA Products

The four widely used ingredients that are now no longer able to be used in food and beverage manufacturing are Red Dye No. 3, Potassium bromate, Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO), and Propylparaben. If your facility is using one or some of these ingredients we urge you to contact us today for a consultation for what your facility needs to comply with these new regulations.

You can read more about these ingredients and the challenges you may face by reading the full article here, or you can call us at (916) 782-5212.

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