Modernizing Raw Liquid Ingredient Silos for Future Processing Lines

Placer Process often gets requests from our customers to help them plan for future expansions of new product lines. In such cases we rely on our seasoned engineers to take a holistic approach to the entire facility and make recommendations based on the unique situation of a particular plant. An example of this type of forward thinking and future-proofing was when a premier supplier of ready-to-drink and milk products needed to increase their production capacity.

Our customer had an existing raw liquid ingredient silo that was at maximum capacity. Due to the limited floor space available adding another ingredient silo had additional requirements that our team was happy to meet. One of the unique parts of this liquid milk, food and beverage facility is that the new raw ingredient silo needed to be modernized to handle raw milk storage. This meant the storage silo needed to meet 3-A and PMO standards.

Our team was able to install the new raw milk capable silo and modernize the existing process lines, clean-in-place, and utility systems to work with the new storage. Our customer was thrilled with the results that allows them to open new product lines in the future for whatever new product will meet consumer demands. As an added benefit – we were able to install this new raw liquid ingredient storage without disrupting the existing production lines.

For more details on how we modernized a food and beverage facility for milk products read the full case study

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