Integrating Thermal Process Assemblies with Skid Mounting

It is common for many facilities to require incorporation of existing systems when a new assembly is needed. A large challenge of a project like this is bringing all the systems together in a fashion that does not disrupt the current processes and production lines and fits into the often-limited available space.

An example of this type of project is one where Placer Process was contracted by a beverage manufacturer to heat 40 gallons per minute of single strength juice from 70°F to 145°F, then cooling the juice to 105°F for packaging. Our team of seasoned process engineers was able to design, fabricate, and install a frame mounted system that met all sanitary requirements and fit into the existing infrastructure of the beverage manufacturing plant.

The advantage of using a frame mounted assembly is that Placer Process was able to fabricate the system outside of the plant to minimize interruption to the existing beverage production. Once the assembly was fabricated our team installed the skid mounted process system quickly and efficiently. The result was a new system built to the exact specifications of the project that integrated existing systems. If you are looking for a new system to be added to your facility contact Placer Process today.

For more information about the benefits of process skid mounting read the full article here

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