Innovative Winemaking Solutions

One of the many projects that showcases Placer Process’ ability to innovate and provide customized solutions is when a customer needed practical process design and installation services to support the vision they held for the scale-up of their unique winemaking process. We partnered with our customer throughout the planning, fabrication, and installation process yielding the quality wine fermentation system as they envisioned.

Our customer is able to use the system for research purpose. The findings are embedded throughout the learnings within their leading educational entity. This allowed our customer to closely mimic the industry setting – providing a good pilot-scale representation that could be transferred to larger-scale systems.

Winemaking Process Enhancements

One of the challenges that we helped our customer get past was monitoring the Brix as the sugar content is converted to alcohol throughout the fermentation process. Our customer determined that this monitoring was crucial to their winemaking process and we responded with the solution that not only allowed the team to monitor this transition but also better control the fermentation environment through innovations such as a tank jacket utility control and automatic sensors.

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