Importance of Planning for Increases in Capacity

Placer Process is regularly called upon by our customers to assist them in planning to increase the capacity of their facilities. Whether it’s adding new product lines or diversifying the manufactured food, beverage, dairy, wine, beer, or alternative food products it’s important to get a full picture of what is currently in the facility and what’s needed so the expansion can be done in an optimal fashion.

In one example a customer who was budgeting for a fluid milk plant expansion to meet the projected demand of the market called upon Placer Process to assist in an audit and expansion plan. The customer knew they wanted to add a new filler and production line in addition to the supporting raw processing equipment and utility systems. Another big addition was a pasteurizer as a kill step to ensure the product met PMO guidelines and was shelf stable for consumers.

Production Plant Expansion Design

Our process engineers were able to perform the necessary audits to the existing system as well as make recommendations and design plans for the new pieces of equipment that tied into the existing systems efficiently.

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