How To Maximize System Processes and Save The Planet

Did you know the demand for water has increased 6 times from what it was a hundred years ago? That’s not all, in 202, women and children worldwide spent an estimated 200 million hours every day collecting water. The problem is so serious that one life is lost every 10 seconds because of water-related diseases. That’s 3 and a half million lives a year. As a company, we have decided to do something about this.

Placer Process Systems has been dedicated, to providing their clients with environmentally responsible designs, using innovative ways to approach every challenge to meet our client’s needs. Whether you are upgrading an existing system, expanding infrastructure, modernizing your plant, or even retrofitting – WE HAVE YOUR COVERED!

Unlike other contractors, Placer Process has an in-house team that is with you from conception to completion. That includes initial and final design staging, project planning, budgeting, management, execution, and installation. Our client’s like to call us their one-stop shop for everything sanitary system processing and integrators.

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