How Mix-Proof Valve Clusters Optimally Minimize Process Contamination in Food Manufacturing

An essential part of the food manufacturing process is the sanitary process. A well-designed process system can not only minimize contamination, but also increase efficiency and safety while lowering the chance of operator error. A great example of this technology is a solution we implemented with one of our food producer customers who asked us to evaluate their piping installation and process to identify areas of improvements.

Placer Process team was able to identify where efficiency and safety could be enhanced by using a mix-proof valve cluster instead of a transfer panel. Using mix-proof valve clusters automates the process and minimizing potential operator errors. For a full list of the pros and cons of mix-proof valve clusters and a more detailed description click here to read the case study. Our experienced team is capable to design, build, assemble, and install mix-proof valve clusters for any of our customers’ needs.

Mix-Proof Valves

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