How Can a Sanitary Blending System Improve Your Process?

An automatic Sanitary Blending Systems (SBS) streamlines the manufacturing process by creating continuous batches product blends within the specified parameters. Constant monitoring of individual ingredient streams takes the guesswork out of blending by removing the possibility of human error, thus ensuring accuracy and consistency across all batches. Some ingredients or allergens may require an intermediary rinse.

Our Sanitary Blending Systems can be cleaned-in-place (CIP) and are also capable of connecting to an existing CIP system. Businesses who use our Sanitary Blending Systems have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Plus, you get access to Placer Process team of qualified experts for advice, service, and support.

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What makes Placer Process Sanitary Blending System unique?

Our Sanitary blending Systems automatically inject multiple streams of ingredients, which are monitored continuously and controlled by an automatic injector valve. This constant monitoring of ingredient streams and automatic injection ensures the final product remains consistent, accurate, and repeatable.

Mass flow meters can measure these multi-stream ingredients with varying density to the blending system accurately, while other flow meter technologies may provide a more cost-efficient option. You can use your own bulk ingredient tanks, or day tanks, that you currently have on hand to provide seasonal flavors and sweeteners. Placer Process can integrate or build these tanks into the system for a custom design to meet your needs.

Our Sanitary Blending Systems can also handle volatile ingredients that require safety and caution, resulting in a more stable blended product at the end. Less volatile products help to increase operating speed and maximizes the filler productivity.

Placer Process knows that all customers’ needs are unique. We are the region’s leading experts and designers of sanitary inline blending systems and would love to answer any questions about how our systems can benefit your business. If you are thinking of implementing a Sanitary Blending System, or other process and utility systems, please contact us at Placer Process so we can assist you!

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