Enhanced Wine Production with Temperature Controlled Wine Fermentation Tanks

Placer Process was chosen to partner with one of our winery customers to install a system to introduce warm water to the tank jackets to maintain the temperature of their wine fermentation tanks. Placer Process designed and installed a jacket warming water system allowing our customers to introduce warm water to maintain an elevated wine tank temperature to improve consistency and timing in their wine production cycle.

The implemented solution allowed the temperature of each tank to be independently controlled and maintained by incorporating circulation and regulation of the jacket warming utility through each tank jacket.

This solution allowed our customers to monitor and control the winemaking process by deciding when to introduce the controlled temperature environment and when to stop it. They were also able to make wine more efficiently due to a shorter tank turnaround time allowing our customers to process more grapes and produce quality wine with higher quantity within the same season.

Read more about our jacket warming water solution in the case study here

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