Designing A System For Fluid Handling to Reduce Solids Loss

Great Sanitary System Design Considerations for Multi-Product Filling

In our previous blog post about reducing solids through good fluid handling practices, we reviewed how important process system design can be. In our example, we showed how our team went above and beyond to create a dynamic system that not only offered significant cost savings but also reduced the amount of solids loss during the food manufacturing process.

The system that we created was designed for sauces of various thicknesses and flavors, and through strong design principles and practices, Placer Process designed, fabricated, and installed a system that met all of the project requirements.

One of the key features in this system is innovative positive displacement pumps with low suction capability, pulsation-free operation, and inline maintenance capability. This combines beautifully with the precisely-controlled closed-loop heating system and the fully self-sufficient Clean-in-Place leveraging the heating system as a CIP heater. Our system also includes instruments for CIP validation and culinary steam sterilization to reduce the use of costly chemical sanitizers.

Read more about the sanitary system design for fluid handling here

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