Design-Build of Clean-In-Place Upgrade for Sanitation Improvement

One of Placer Process’ recent projects involved assisting a client in optimizing their clean-in-place system. Our client was having an issue with a lack of sufficient heat and water pressure for utilities and one of their cleaning shifts. The system being unable to meet those requirements was lengthening time the system took to clean – resulting in longer downtimes and shifts for those workers.

Placer Process’ team was invited to the operating plant to identify the problem and provide a solution to remediate the issues. Our team started with a site audit of the facility to provide information on where the problem issues are specifically in the system and to measure the current output and demands of the system itself. Our audit included documenting the existing piping and use points as well as their demand for the hot water as each use point turned on.

Using the information from the audit we designed a solution that allowed wash water to reach all use points at the required flow and temperature during a weekly cleaning shift. Placer Process designed and built a custom hot water system skid to meet the facilities flow, pressure, and temperature demand. This system included booster pumps, heat exchanger, steam and condensate utilities, as well as control systems to allow control of pump and temperature operation.

This assembly was built off-site to minimize customer’s risk. Once assembled the system was installed and tied into their existing piping network. Placer Process also integrated a necessary piping upgrade to improve the hot water distribution as multiple use points are calling for hot water.

Upon a quick field installation, the customer immediately improved the customer’s equipment sanitation procedures by providing required flow, boosted pressure, and constant elevated temperature. This solved the problem and allowed more effective sanitation of equipment with less water and time.

If you have a project similar to this Clean-In-Place system optimization we did we invite you to speak with one of our consultants today for help solving your toughest plant challenges.


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