Controlling The Temperature of Wine Tanks to Improve Quality and Production Turn Over Time

One of our customers in the luxury wine production industry needed to better control the temperature of their wine tanks. An important facet of creating quality wine is achieving the ideal temperatures on various phases of winemaking. Often this is achieved by relying on the ambient temperature which is susceptible to fluctuation from the day and night cycles.

Our customer reached out to Placer Process to design and install a jacket warming water system that would accommodate the expanded duty as well as take the existing infrastructure into account to maximize the use of existing assets. Operational efficiency is an important factor to consider. Energy costs could be increased if tanks and pipes are located outdoors and more susceptible to evening temperature lows. Strategic placement of insulation can help with limiting heat loss. Placer Process reviewed the site prior to installation and collaboratively agreed on the ideal system location and pipe routing to best serve the need of our customers.

Read about how Placer Process solved this challenge in the full case study

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