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In our last blog we discussed what a Clean-In-Place (CIP) System is, how it works within the food, beverage, dairy, winery, brewery, cannabis, and alternative foods manufacturing industries, as well as how Placer Process can customize CIP to our customers needs.

When Is A Clean-In-Place System Used?

Typically, CIP Systems are used at the conclusion of the production cycle, flavor changes, or when the equipment with it’s associated piping is ready to be cleaned and sanitized. When possible, it is easier to start the CIP routine immediately after production is complete but depending on the industry and production scheduling that may not always be the most practical. Some manufacturers have sanitation crews on hand with regular cleaning schedules to adhere to throughout the entire facility. Placer Process CIP system can be designed to implement short, regular, or even an extended Clean-In-Place cycle to fit the needs of each food and beverage plant. 

CIP System

Where Can My CIP System Be Installed In My Facility?

Clean-In-Place System can be installed in various environments depending on the needs of the manufacturing facility. The food, beverage, dairy, winery, brewery, cannabis, and alternative foods industries all have differing requirements, environments and nuances to their specific product characteristics; Placer Process has designed, built, and customized CIP Systems for all of these applications. 

While a CIP System is typically placed indoor with the processing equipment, more and more we are installing CIP system outdoor as floor space becomes a scarce real estate as our customers production facility grow.  Placer Process also works with more regulated industries, such as dairy, who need to have their CIP system separated from the process equipment with specific FDA and 3A requirements.

What Makes Placer Process The Best Choice for My Plant?

The experts at Placer Process have designed, built, and installed numerous standard and custom CIP Systems in our many years of building process and utility systems for our valuable customers. Our team not only capable as general contractor fabricating, installing, and providing specialty welding service, we also designed and can help evaluate the overall processes, if needed. We have years of experience designing all elements of the process system, such as

  • Transfer and receiving
  • Wet and dry ingredient handling, storage, maturation and holding day tanks, vats, high shear system, batch and inline blending system
  • Filtration and pasteurization
  • Hot water systems, steam and condensate, glycol systems, and process water distribution systems
  • Compressed air, nitrogen piping, inert gas piping, medical and instrument air piping, and many more!


At Placer Process we can provide expert consultations to examine your manufacturing processes in your plant to determine your next steps and needed process and utility improvements. Your success is our success, and we care for your wants and needs. Contact Placer Process today and let us help you on your next project.

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