Careful Planning Creates Success when Expanding Fluid Milk Plants

A customer of Placer Process that was planning an expansion of the fluid milk plant needed help determining the required process equipment and best installation for their upcoming project. The customer was increasing the facilities capacity to meet projected demands in the market by installing a new filler, and production line including a pasteurizer. In addition, the plant also needed the supporting raw material processing equipment and utilities for optimal performance.

Our engineers worked with our customer to identify the existing capacity and available utilities to not only plan a successful plant expansion but to install the equipment properly and with minimal downtime to the existing process lines. As expected we found success with a phased installation plan to allow our customer to continue to make profits while the expansion was taking place.

Production Plant Expansion Design

Through our well considered design we were able to not only meet the projects goals of expanding the plant but we also tied into existing utility lines and reused existing equipment for optimal performance.

You can read more about this expansion project here

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