Benefits of Skid Mounting Process Systems

Building Skid Mounted Process System for Thermal Process, CIP, and Ultimately Any Other Process

A common challenge for new process system assembly is how it will affect the day to day operation of the facility while the new process system is being installed. There are considerations that need to be made for any personnel that would be near the work area as well as how that system ties into the other processes of the plant. The last thing a plant manager wants is to have a drawn out building and installation process while simultaneously manufacturing product at an optimal rate. Existing infrastructure may get in the way and it can spell disaster if not properly managed.

In such a case, a Placer Process customer had a project where they needed to heat 40 gallons per minute of single strength juice from 70°F to 145°F, then cooling the juice to 105°F for packaging. Our solution was to build a skid frame mounted thermal assembly off-site – allowing us to work efficiently in a controlled environment separate from the facility. Not only did this help with the fabrication of the process system but it made minimal impact on the facility production.

Skid mounted process systems also expedite the installation timeline by allowing us to stagger the utility tie-ins, pipe supports, and process piping while the skids are being manufactured separately. To read more details about the benefits of the Frame Mounted Process System Assembly click here.

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