Benefits of Custom Automated CIP Systems

It’s common for food and beverage production facilities to manually clean their production lines. This is often very cost-effective in smaller plants but as production lines expand and new demands are met, any facility manager knows there comes a time where automation scales much better and an investment is needed to keep the facility running optimally.

Placer Process specializes in clean-in-place system automation and we can help you design, fabricate, and install an efficient CIP system for your facility. As an example, one of our customers needed a custom CIP system due to their unique circumstances. Our customer had many production lines that were previously being cleaned manually, resulting in longer down times, mistakes, and higher risk activities for the workers.

Clean In Place System

After working with Placer Process our customer had a fully automated CIP system that not only provided a more consistent and reliable cleaning, but also provided valuable information and data on the system health so they could monitor their process more easily.

Learn more about the solution we implemented for our customer here

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