Advantages of Implementing a Clean-In-Place System

Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems can be an integral part of any food, beverage, wine, beer, milk, dairy, alternative food, or cannabis production facility for several reasons. The most obvious reason to use a CIP system is to improve the cleanliness of the equipment being used for production. This is extremely important as it has a direct effect on the final product quality and shelf life.

A modern CIP system not only helps to keep equipment clean but they are built to be extremely efficient. A properly configured clean-in-place system can create an ideal balance between the cleaning cycles while maximizing production. The best systems are also automated with various monitoring features so plant managers know exactly how their production lines are working and can make adjustments as needed based on the information in the reports.

Clean In Place System

Many times facilities just starting out will opt for a manual cleaning process due to the lower cost, but as they grow it quickly becomes necessary to bring in a clean-in-place expert to install and implement a system that will help their bottom line and reduce the chances of problems and issues arising from human error.

If you’d like an audit or additional information about clean-in-place systems contact us today or read more detail on the advantages of a CIP system here.

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