Advantages of Frame Mounted Skid Assemblies

A consistent challenge of designing, fabricating, and installing new sanitary process systems is achieving the project goals while integrating with existing systems without interrupting existing production lines. The seasoned design engineers as Placer Process regularly overcome this challenge through frame mounted skid assemblies which allow fabrication to be completed off-site and a quick installation that mitigates any downtime to the rest of the facility.

Whenever system integration is needed an audit is the best first step to clearly understand the existing systems. This ensures that the new assembly will not overload the current facilities capacity and allows the process engineers to design a system that efficiently uses the facility space and utilities. Once an audit has been completed and designs have been drawn and approved the sanitary process system experts at Placer Process fabricate the frame mounted skid assembly. There are several benefits to this method including:

  • Reduces labor costs when installing in an existing process environment
  • Minimizes disruption to existing production and operations
  • Reduces contractor personnel on customer premises
  • Allows for highest quality fabrication methods
  • Increased safety through lowered risk for customer and contractors
  • Compact design that fits into limited facility floor space

Once the sanitary process system fabrication has been completed it is ready for installation. With most of the assembly being frame mounted this process is quick and efficient. Placer Process engineers build the necessary sensors, connections, and process piping so that when it is time for installation it can be integrated into the existing systems with minimal downtime.

If you are looking for a frame mounted skid assembly system that meets all project requirements while staying within the designated budget contact Placer Process today.

For more information on frame mounted skid assembly systems read the full article here

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