Addressing Process Challenges for Improving Finish Wine Longevity and Stability

Overcoming Challenges for Finish Wine Stability and Longevity Improvements

There are various aspects to be considered and challenges faced when producing high-quality wines. Many wineries choose to use wine filtration to enhance appearance, shorten the aging time, lighten the color, make the wine more stable, and reduce the chance of re-fermentation in the bottle.


We have a case study that covers the hurdles and challenges of implementing this type of solution in a winery. While this case study is specific to a unique winery system, we want to share the learnings and the solution, in hopes that it will help you better understand your own winery and what can be done to improve your processes.


In this particular case, our customer needed a filtration skid to optimize their process and reduce the chance of wine oxidation. The skid was designed and fabricated specifically to their need for a repeatable and automated stabilization process. The system is successfully supplying finish wine product feeding into multiple fillers.

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