Upgrade and Modernize: Process Water Distribution

Without a Master Plan, Process and Utility Water Problems cost Time and Money

Water Distribution for Process Utility System

At every plant, process and utility water distribution demands change over time. New lines, new equipment, new products, and new processes lead to constant evolution. Sometimes the changes are incremental, other times they are dramatic and happen quickly. Often modifications are made to the water distribution without consideration being given to the entire water system. The absence of a master plan to coordinate changes can lead to distribution issues and peak demand can exceed capability.

Placer Process Systems will partner with you to develop a custom water monitoring and management plan that will alleviate current or future water distribution issues. This will improve efficiencies for both process and utility operations.

Example: Large Beverage Company Loses Production Time Due to Water Disruptions

A large beverage company in the world found their peak demand exceeded the capability of their existing process water distribution system. Lines were intermittently being shut down and production was adversely affected. Attempts were made by their staff to remedy the symptoms with quick-fix solutions for specific areas of the water distribution system, but the original problems always returned. Although the water supply capacity and use were suspected, they were not able to identify the root cause. With cooperative help of the clients engineering and maintenance staff Placer Process Systems was able to identify and solve the problem.

Cost-Effective, Custom Solution Ensures Adequate, Reliable Water Supply

The first step in solving the water distribution problem was to identify the source. Placer Process initiated a research study that monitored water usage at various key points throughout the plant. After generating a mass balance study and understanding how much water was used at different points in the system, Placer Process Systems was able to develop a custom solution to ensure an adequate water supply capable of meeting even the highest peak demand. Placer Process Systems then designed and fabricated a custom frame-mounted water distribution system connecting two existing unused tanks and interfacing with existing piping throughout the plant. By using existing and unused equipment, the overall capital expense was minimized.

Features and benefits of the new system include:

  • Strategically sized pumps for different plant usage demands
  • Custom capability and tuning for water requirements with low pressure/high flow or high pressure/low flow
  • Modification of existing tanks allowing CIP, constant turn-over, and sterile air blanketing as well as instrumentation for level monitoring
  • Flexible design with expansion capability for future demand or changing requirements
  • Usage measurement and data logging for trending analysis and distribution monitoring
  • Size conscious design that keeps a small footprint while allowing for future expansion and additional pumps
  • NEMA 4X control panel with touch screen integrated into the frame-mounted system to minimize conduit and wiring
  • UV lamp disinfecting unit for recirculation and sterile process water supply
Process Water Distribution Flow Chart

Research and Team Effort Yield Best Results

By performing a research and monitoring study, Placer Process Systems was able to identify the source of the water distribution shortcomings as well as the actual water demand. We worked as a team with the beverage company staff, allowing us to analyze the problem, then design an efficient, comprehensive solution and install the correct fix. Costly production interruptions were eliminated and the flexible design allows for increased capacity for future water demand.

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