Mix Proof Manifolds

A major carbonated beverage bottler was experiencing syrup loss and high change-over time. Their manual processes with extensive use of hoses also had the potential for operator exposure to CIP solutions and high temperatures. With material costs, efficiency, and operator safety on the line, the bottler turned to Placer Process for a solution.

A Fresh Approach

After on-site review of the current system and the needs of the bottler, Placer Process designed a new way for the bottler to transfer syrup from a large set of existing storage tanks to multiple fillers. This was achieved by:

  • Replacing manual transfer panels with automated mix proof valves
  • Updating existing pumps and valves to enhance performance
  • Retaining existing equipment when possible
  • Fabricating manifolds off-site and completing the installation with minimum disruption to plant production

Placer Process created a detailed mechanical design that retained all of the functionality and versatility of the complex array of hoses and transfer panels, but replaced them with a stronger design that incorporated the use of automated mix proof valves. The updated system safely and efficiently handles the routing and transfer of syrup, CIP solutions, and process water. And because the new system is fully automated, it is much safer for the plant operators.

Mix proof Manifold Case Study

All necessary components were specified and sourced by Placer Process and the frame-mounted manifolds were fabricated off-site at our fabrication shop to keep plant disruption to a minimum. The manifolds were pre-piped for utility air and precisely mounted on stainless steel wash down suitable frames. This process allowed for a greater attention to detail by mounting the array valves well before the process was shut down.

Features and Benefits of the New System Include:


  • Reduce Solids Loss
  • Reduce CIP Time
  • Reduce CIP Risk
  • Increase Production Time



By evaluating current systems and plant needs, Placer Process was able to design and manufacture a fully automated, frame-mounted process that keeps employees safe, minimizes product loss and improves product flow.

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