Frame Mounted Thermal Process Assembly

Frame Mounted Concept

Fabricate components on a supporting frame including tanks, control panel, disconnect switches, valves, pump(s), instruments, and piping

Frame Mounted Advantage

Case Study Background

A major beverage manufacturer needed to heat 40 gallons per minute of single strength juice from 70 to 145°F, then cool the juice to 105°F for packaging.

The customer contracted Placer Process Systems to provide a solution that would process their juice, integrate with their existing process, meet all sanitary requirements, and minimize production downtime.

Placer Process Systems successfully designed, fabricated, and installed a frame mounted system, with direct heat regen through a plate and frame heat exchanger, that met all the customer’s requirements.

Assembly Frame Sub-Systems

The frame assembly had 5 key components:

  1. Stainless steel support frame
  2. Plate & frame heat exchanger
  3. Sanitary booster pump
  4. Pressure and temperature sensors
  5. Sanitary control valves

All assembly piping is sanitary polished ID/OD tubing

Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger

Placer Process Systems sized and integrated a plate & frame heat exchanger to accomplish customer’s process needs:

Sanitary Booster Pump

Placer Process Systems integrated a sanitary booster pump designed to supply the correct flow and pressure to the customer’s existing system:

Placer Process Systems supplied and integrated all sensors needed for required operation:

Pressure And Temperature Sensors

System Valves

Placer Process Systems used single seat sanitary valves with automated pneumatic actuators


Our customer received a high quality system that integrated fully with their existing process.

Our assembly is currently in use in their facility and is providing reliable and economical service.

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