Industrial Pressure Booster System

Industrial Pressure Booster Systems for Manufacturing Plants Manufactured by Placer Process

When it comes to flow and pressure improvements, Placer Process is primed to help with an engineered pressure booster system. We create these systems for distribution and cleaning purposes in both sanitary (food and beverage) and industrial environments such as:

  • Dairies and other milk processing facilities
  • Food and beverage production plants
  • Chemical process facilities
  • And many other industrial process environments

We will work with you to improve and expand existing process or utility systems to meet new demands and prepare for future needs. Our engineering staff is experienced with straight-forward on-demand applications through complex constant pressure ring main networks.Industrial Pressure Booster System

Pressure booster system purposes include:

  • Process systems
      • Ingredient distribution to mix tanks, blend tanks, and storage tanks
      • Mix tanks to product filler loops
  • Utility systems
    • Water supply for heating and cooling loops, or potable safety wash systems
    • Waste transfer from sumps and collection tanks
  • Cleaning systems
    • Pressure washer supply for floor, wall, totes, containers and process equipment wash down
    • Sanitation chemical systems for bottle and packaging rinses, and process equipment rinses


Flow and pressure deficiencies amplify into real time production losses, even if the problem exists only during cleaning cycles. We will come to you with a custom designed, in-house fabricated, and employee installed pressure booster system. Placer Process takes pride in precision engineering and craftsman-quality workmanship. Take a look at a recent pressure booster system we installed for specialized equipment CIP supply and give us a call today to talk about how we can improve your plant.


For more information about industrial pressure booster systems, contact Placer Process at 1-877-251-6082, or send us an email.

Key Components of a Placer Process Industrial Pressure Booster System

  1. High pressure pump (designed for specialized equipment CIP supply, about 20 gpm @ 1000 psig)
  2. Cleaning solution supply buffer tank with integrated level switches
  3. Discharge pressure indicating switch
  4. Discharge high temperature switch
  5. Minimum flow circulation valve
  6. High pressure spray wash for additional local wash down
  7. NEMA 4x motor control panel with all instrumentation integrated with a small, cost-effective PLC processor


Ring Man Distribution Network Pressure wash supply systems are not the only application for this type of equipment. The diagram depicts a centralized water collection and “ring main” distribution network. A ring main header provides constant circulation to eliminate stagnation during downtime while also providing instantaneous on-demand flow and pressure. When engineered correctly, this type of distribution does not suffer from multiple use point pressure loss. Simply put, flushing a toilet does not affect shower head pressure when it is part of a ring main distribution network.


For more information about industrial pressure booster systems, contact Placer Process at 1-877-251-6082, or send us an email.


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