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Clean-in-place system skidSave Water and Increase Production Time with Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems Manufactured by Placer Process

Flexible, Customizable Clean In Place (CIP) Systems and Upgrades for Existing CIP Systems

Choose Placer Process manufactured Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems for the sanitation of your process piping, tanks, and equipment. The Basic Model offers flow rate options of 40, 60, 100, and 145 gpm. These options, properly matched to your process, will provide sufficient flow and pressure to remove residue and rinse piping thoroughly.

Placer Process offers a standard two-tank system designed to get you started with solving your cleaning and sanitation needs. The Basic Model can be combined with many accessories for a total solution that will reduce capital cost and CIP operation times.

Beyond supply of the clean-in-place system, let Placer Process help you from start to finish with a successful project including CIP equipment planning, equipment manufacture, installation, start-up, and training.


Standard or Customized Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems

  • Basic model can be combined with many accessories for a total solution that saves money and reduces CIP operation times.
  • Skid CIP systems fabricated off-site for less interference with your operations and productivity.
  • Skid CIP systems are pre-wired, fully assembled, functionally tested and ready for hook-up so you have less down time.
  • Installed quickly, with minimal disruption to your facility.
  • All stainless-steel construction.
  • Compliant with FDA, USDA, 3A standards.


Clean in place side viewClean-In-Place Upgrades and Solutions for Existing Systems

  • Troubleshooting
  • Tank Repair or Replacement
  • Valve Service or Upgrade
  • Control Automation
  • Automatic Sensor Addition
  • System Expansion
  • Heating Utility and Efficiency Upgrades


Options for lease or purchase available. For more information, call 1-877-251-6082, or send us an email.

Standard Components for a Basic Clean-In-Place System

The following components are available on the basic model allowing a quick shipment and integration with your process:

  • 300 gallon water tank with automatic water make-up valve, level control, automatic outlet valve, vent assembly, and overflow pipe.
  • 300 gallon detergent tank ready for the make-up of cleaning solutions with automatic water make-up valve, level control, automatic outlet valve, vent assembly, and overflow pipe.
  • Sanitary centrifugal pump with support frame, suction piping drain valve, suction strainer, discharge pressure gauge.
  • Valve cluster to allow:
    • closed loop circulation while solution strength and temperature is achieved,
    • forward flow for distribution of rinse water and solutions to the cleaning circuit, and
    • control of returned solutions from the cleaning circuit to the solution tank, water tank, and drain.
  • Instruments to verify your successful sanitation route including return temperature transmitter to verify the circuit temperature is maintained, conductivity sensors to verify the solution strength is correct, and flow switch to ensure no interruption or loss of cleaning solutions.
  • Control system with NEMA 4x enclosure with disconnect switch, PLC controller, pneumatics, and a simple program ready to run your first circuit. The PLC control will make best use of your instruments to verify the solution return.
  • Designs are compliant with FDA, USDA, 3A standards.


To start customizing your CIP system, to place an order for a standard clean-in-place system, or for more information, contact Placer Process at 1-877-251-6082, or send us an email.



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